The Breakfast Salad

Bacon and Eggs Brekkie Salad

I recently attended a friend's wedding held at a fancy spa resort in California and was surprised that every breakfast dish had a salad that came with it. I always have a bit of a love / hate relationship with breakfast because, although I love the traditional foods of breakfast, it is often a little too heavy for me first thing in the morning. I'm actually a bigger fan of breakfast for lunch or breakfast for dinner.

I discovered, however, that I am a big fan of the breakfast salad. I used to get around my breakfast aversion by eating fruit in the morning, but I don't always need that much sweet. The salad is the perfect answer. It's light, refreshing, filling without being heavy, and can be savory or sweet or both! Add a little bit of protein and you have my ideal morning meal.

This Bacon and Eggs Brekkie Salad makes a great first meal of the day. The deviled eggs with a hint of bacon are enough to make it feel substantial, the fresh strawberries and grapes bring that perfect amount of sweet and the greens with walnuts are light and crunchy.

Try a salad at breakfast time. On it's own, or as a side to more traditional breakfast foods, you'll be surprised!

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