Canby Wine, Brews and Food Fest

It was a lovely Sunday, so I took off with my fam and visited the Canby Wine, Brews and Food festival. It was a relaxed vibe at the fairgrounds and I got a chance to chat with the vendors and try out lots of delicious products. Here are a few of my favorites.

Vivacity has a lovely array of spirits. I was quite partial to the Native Gin which has a really nice bouquet of botanicals. They are located in Corvallis. Click the photo to visit their web page.

Oliver's Gourmet has the most delicious olives! And lots of other really nice pickles as well. We came home with a jar of habanero infused olives, blue cheese stuffed olives, and pickled spiced garlic that is truly luscious. Click the photo to go to their web page.

Meet super cutie pies Krysta and Adrianne who run this coffee bus from Portland. They have some amazing sounding coffee drinks. How delicious does Granny’s Cough Medicine sound? Espresso, bourbon vanilla cardamom syrup, steamed milk, topped with a local honey drizzle.

4 Spirits Distillery are craft spirits distillers from Corvallis. The name 4 Spirits is dedicated to four combat soldiers that the owner, Dawson Officer served with in the Oregon National Guard. These four men lost their lives in 2004/2005 serving in Baghdad, Iraq. The company motto is "honor, remember, and raise a glass". My husband particularly liked the bourbon. While I like a nice bourbon, I'm also a gin girl and I really liked their gin, which has a nice cucumber infusion. It's fresh and bright and perfect for a refreshing summer cocktail.

I remember Noble Estate from when I lived in Eugene and they were right around the corner from my house. It was nice to see them again up North. They have 3 tasting rooms where you can try their wines, and a wine club!

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